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“I Can’t Wait To Get Soaked!”
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Hi Guys. It’s Jason…

So here I am attempting to clean up my “email inbox from hell,” and I run across an awesome success story from last December that I had totally forgotten about.


The following is an email from a “Squirting Orgasm Shortcut” customer, Rich, after he followed my advice and started experimenting with the knowledge gained from the program.

I am just writing this message to thank you for such an amazing program.

A little back story.

My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years. For our first Christmas I gave her a vibrator because she was struggling to reach a climax, and for the last 30 years we have been a wonderfully orgasmic couple. 

She has even squirted a few times by chance more than anything after using our “toys.” 

I don’t know how I happened to get into your emails, but this Christmas I decided to buy her/us your program. I was super excited that it was not some sort of porn with minimal instructions, as she is totally turned off by that. 

Each day since Christmas we have been watching one or two of your videos and then practicing what you teach.

It has been nothing short of amazing! I gave her an orgasm for the very first time using my mouth yesterday using the sucking technique.

We’ve found so many things that turn her on as well as a few that were blocking her from coming all these years. 

Tomorrow is the squirting video.

I can’t wait to get soaked! Thank you!

Well played, Rich, well played.

Listen, if you’re interested in giving your woman earth-shattering orgasms and experiencing the best sex of your life without having to tangle your bodies into a 101 impossible positions or having to follow some new “agey woo woo” crap, then the Blueprint is right up your alley.

Tasteful, no nonsense, and straight to the point.

Get it here now.
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Talk Soon,
Jason Julius

P.S. And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t make much progress on my “email inbox from hell.” I think I need professional help. LOL.




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