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Let me ask you a question…

Why not YOU?

You hear stories of men who have extraordinary sex lives.

You read about women who are ADDICTED to having sex and just can’t get enough… even if they’ve been in their relationship for 10, 20 or even 30 or more years.

Why can’t you be the one to give your woman so much pleasure that YOUR WOMAN is the one who’s addicted to sex and YOU experience a rock-star sex life?

Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts

I’m being dead serious when I ask this question.

And here’s a hint…

I’m not looking for a list of excuses as to why you think it can’t be you.

My point in asking this questions is to get you to realize that it CAN be you.

Yes, you’ll have certain obstacles.

Yes, perhaps your lover finds it “difficult” to orgasm, isn’t as “adventurous” as other women and just doesn’t seem to enjoy sex as much.

But what if you COULD figure out what to do to make her love sex despite of all that?

What if you COULD master certain techniques, mindsets and approaches that allowed you to trigger her deepest most primal forms of lust and desire?

What if you COULD figure out the techniques to give your woman a full blown SQUIRTING orgasm?

The truth is that you can.

You want to know the reason why most men don’t live extraordinary sex lives?

It’s because they don’t believe they can.

make her ejaculateDeep down they doubt their own ability.

And in this doubt they come up with all sorts of reasons to justify why they’ll never have the sex life they want.

And these reasons (excuses) act as insulation and protection against getting their hopes up and making what they really want happen.

Don’t let this be you.


EVERY man has reasons why he won’t succeed at having an extraordinary sex life.

EVERY man.

The difference between men with exceptional sex lives and those without is not down to the women they pick or the obstacles that hold them back – it’s how they PERCEIVE and HANDLE those obstacles and their determination to live the sex life of their dreams.

And yes, even young, tall, rich and famous men with huge members still don’t always have it easy.

For starters they had to EARN fame and fortune.

Do you realize how much faith and self-belief is required to make substantial fame and fortune that happen?

Do you realize how much rejection and obstacles are needed to be overcome in order to achieve serious success?

And even a tall young man with a huge member and isn’t a “guaranteed great lay” – ask any woman who’s been with a few guys with seemingly “perfect genetics” and they’ll tell you that a man’s physique most certainly isn’t the DETERMINING factor in sexual skills.

My point is this…

Believe in yourself.

Why can’t YOU be the guy who has the extraordinary sex life?

Why can’t it be YOU who’s writing the success story in to me about how his entire love life has turned around?

The truth is that it CAN be you.

But you have to decide and give yourself that self-belief.

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Talk soon,


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